Saturday, July 28, 2007

Much Ado About Nothing

Mom took me and my two younger sisters to see the IRT perform 'Much Ado About Nothing'. Excellent show.

The set was minimal; gauzing curtains, a chapel door frame, 4 chandelabras, and 4 benches that were moved in and out for the different scenes. The scene changes were done with acting in the background - no lag time! That's a plus for the audience.

All the actors were very animated and vivacious. Everyone exerted such energy. It was needed because the performance was outdoors (no mics), and the evening was warm. The audience needed to be captivated. All the costumes were simple white gowns for the ladies and the men wore black suits with red scarves around their waists. The play was set in 1812 Mexico after the war for independance from Spain.

I took some pictures and I'll upload them latter. Perhaps Sunday evening...

Favorites quotes:

"I wonder you are still talking, Signor Benedict. No one marks you." ~ Beatrice

"May God condemn you to everlasting redemption." ~ Dogberry


Erin said...

I loved this production SO MUCH!

Sherry said...

Kate, Can't wait to see your pictures, I just posted a few of mine today. Glad you were able to see it, too!